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The Story of RTB

       In 2015, ReliveTheBAR (RTB) was an idea from two recent graduates of the University of Michigan with a desire to bring their friends together for Homecoming. Back then, there was nothing catered to young Black Alumni to come back and relive their experience of being in Ann Arbor. This lack of community fueled The Black Alumni Reunion (The BAR) which consisted of sold-out events and apparel focused on Black pride. The BAR quickly rose in popularity amongst alumni from all corners of the country and it was clear there was a need for this sense of community. 

       With this newfound support of Black students, we were compelled to launch the Black Alumni Book Fund in 2017 to provide book scholarships and alumni mentorship to undergraduate and graduate students. We soon discovered that the challenges Black students faced in Ann Arbor were not unique, but were in fact a common experience for Black students nationwide. With this realization, it was then imperative to expand our focus to support as many Black students as we could.

       Today, we have a national focus dedicated to strengthening relations between alumni and students through the advancement and the celebration of Black culture through apparel. Additionally, we have founded the non-profit division of RTB, The RTB Foundation, with the mission of providing cultural empowerment and resources for undergraduate and graduate students throughout the country while uniting communities and advancing education.

       We are grateful that we are able to fuel our initiatives through apparel that represents the unapologetic pride in our culture. We believe that we can help to uplift Black people across the country with reclaimed Black collegiate unity. Whether you are a graduating high school senior soon to begin college, or an alumnus of 25 years with the pride of being a Black graduate, RTB has a communal space for you to call home. 

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